Welcome to the Bahá'ís of Asheville and Western North Carolina

Celebrating over 200 years since the birth of the Báb and Báhá'u'lláh

Asheville Bahai Group

Dedicated to Unity... Community by Community

In neighborhoods around Western North Carolina, Bahá’ís and their friends are striving to build a community that weaves together both the material and spiritual necessities of life. Their efforts are inspired by Bahá’u’lláh, whose teachings assert that, regardless of race, gender, class or creed, all humans are noble beings and have been created to contribute to the progress of society.

New Here?

You may have heard about the Bahá’i faith from a friend, an activity in your neighborhood, or a religious studies group. People around the world have discovered the Bahá’i Faith in different ways. It is a growing, widespread religion that believes in the Unity of God and is striving to unite all religions and all peoples for a just, equitable, and loving society.


Check out our calendar for upcoming Holy Days, community celebrations, gatherings to discuss Spiritual themes and more.

Community Life

Learn about how Bahá'is and friends in Western North Carolina are actively transforming community life for children and adults.

Further Reading

Want to learn more about the Bahá’i Faith? Visit a list of scripture and Bahá'i blogs to investigate spiritual themes.

Let all be united in this Divine power of love! Let all strive to grow in the light of the Sun of Truth, and reflecting this luminous love on all men, may their hearts become so united that they may dwell evermore in the radiance of the limitless love. - The Bahá’i Writings

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